Automatically scan/cycle through safari tabs


I have a mac mini setup on a tv to monitor our network. I'd like to setup the monitoring pages we'd like to view in a set of tabs and have safari automatically cycle through them. Something like how gas stations use to change video feeds; some sort of auto-switcher.

I looked at glims but it doesn't appear to have the functionality. Is there a way to do this with base safari or does anyone know of a plugin that will do this behavior in Safari?

Best Answer

  • You can use this block of AppleScript to loop through your tabs on a window:

    tell application "Safari"
            repeat with i from (count of tabs of window 1) to 1 by -1
                set thisTab to tab i of window 1
                set current tab of window 1 to thisTab
                delay 1
            end repeat
        end repeat
    end tell

    This will go through all your tabs and switch every 1 second. Just change the delay to change the time before each tab switches.