Automator “Watch Me Do” function does not work in app


I am trying to make an app in Automator to hide or show the top menu bar and dock. I couldn't think of a better way to do it, so I used the "record" function so it could watch me carry it out. I tested it in automator, and it worked fine.

Here's the workflow: Workflow

Like I said, it works fine when I hit the "run" button in Automator, but when I export it as an application, it opens System Preferences, but stops working as soon as it hits the "Watch Me Do" function, and gives me this message:


Here's a video of the whole thing if it helps:


Best Answer

  • Watch Me Do and Accessibility

    Since macOS 10.9, you need to add your Automator application to your Mac's accessibility list. To add your Automator workflow, go to:

    • System Preferences →
    • Security & Privacy →
    • Accessibility

    …and drag the Automator app you are trying to use into the list.

    This is needed because Watch Me Do uses macOS's accessibility features to simulate user interactions. Accessibility is powerful and Apple require applications be explicitly listed before they are granted this additional control over your computer.