Could I trust such a FlashPlayer update


On the same track than this old question:
How do I tell if the Flash Player Installer is a virus?

I see a new proposal regularly poping up during my web browsing:

FlashPlayer update proposal popup

Nothing within this installer tells me which version is here proposed.

If I check within:

Adobe Flash Player Player Install Manager >
About Adobe Flash Player Install Manager

I can see that this is the version: 11.8.800.168
FlashPlayer Install Manager version

At the same time, the actual version distributed on one of the official
Adobe web servers:

is announcing Version 11.9.900.152.

How may I verify the seriousness and origin of the popup window I got?

How may I check the version which is proposed to install on my system?

If I can't get a simple answer to these 2 fundamental security questions
(which are more extreme since we know how Adobe consider security
how may I get rid of such unusable popups ?

Best Answer

  • Unfortunately, if you're going to trust Adobe and their distribution of the Flash plugins, this is what you're going to get. Many users are now removing Flash and trusting Google to keep the plugins current in Chrome, but this has the same level of security through obscurity.

    If you're serious about these updates, you could close the window and go directly to Adobe to check your version and manually download updates:

    Best of luck!

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