Hide contact’s name when sending an email


I am using somewhat "unofficial" names for people I work with in my Address Book.
Basically, I add an emoji after the first name to help me recognize the contact faster (extremely helpful on the iPhone and on my email app on desktop – my contacts are synced between my mac and my iPhone..).

The thing is that somehow when I send an email to someone he see himself the way I saved him, resulting in an awkward situations sometimes… And even If I send an email to a colleague and he forward that email – the name with my emoji stays!

Is there a way to hide the way I save contacts when I am sending an email? I know that an email can have a First and Last name attached to it as default, can I show this somehow?

I am using Gmail account, Unibox app for mac to send emails, and all my contacts are synced between my devices.

Best Answer

Use the nickname field instead.
afaik, that doesn't transmit. (At least, no one's ever complained to me about what I call them ;)