How to create a new Snippet in TextMate 2’s Bundle Editor


I'm looking at an existing Bundle in TextMate 2's Bundle Editor. How do I create a new (editable) Snippet in the currently selected Bundle?

Seems like this should be obvious, but I am stumped. Searching the Main Menu contents doesn't reveal any menu commands which would obviously allow Snippet creation. Right-clicking in various related areas of the UI (in hopes of opening a context menu) has proven fruitless.

Isn't there a way to create a new Snippet inside the TextMate 2 app itself (presumably in the Bundle Editor)? Or do I have to edit plist .tmbundles to create Snippets? I could have sworn you could easily do this in TextMate 1.

The official TextMate docs seem to be version 1.x-specific.

Best Answer

  • In the bundle editor window, choose File › New (or Cmd + N) and you'll get a sheet like this:

    Just choose 'Snippet' from that drop down.