How to create a user without a password in Catalina


I have a new computer and want to create a guest user whom's all data is not deleted every time it logs out. On my old computer I just created a user called guest and left the password field empty but now, in Catalina, the password field is required (although my other computer's guest account remain passwordless even after upgrading to Catalina).

Any workarounds? Or can the password somehow be deleted after the account is created?

Please note: the built-in guest account functionality doesn't fit my purpose.

Best Answer

I'm running macOS Catalina 10.15.2 and guest is a reserved name, so you cannot use it.

I also just created a new standard account without a password. Just didn't put in a password and followed through with the prompts appropriately.

Note: My Mac is not encrypted and does not have the T2 chip. Either or both of these may require a password to be assigned.

One thing you can try is in Terminal use the passwd command to change the password to a blank password. This worked for me on my system, however keep in mind the note above.