How to execute a Parallels Windows application with command line parameters from Mac

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I am trying to call Beyond Compare Windows app to perform a file compre directly from Mac but I am block with command line argument passing.

You can call Windows applications from the OS X command line via something like:

open "$HOME/Applications (Parallels)/{ca50aac6-caa6-47a6-9bfe-e38f6261cb8d} Applications.localized/" --args -v

Still, it seems that there is a problem when you try to pass arguments.

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    This approach is a hack, but works with the least expensive version of Parallels.

    On the virtual Windows machine:

    • Create a *.bat file for each possible set of parameters. For example:
         @echo off
         start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\MyApplication.exe" --myArg

    On the Mac:

    • Navigate to $(HOME)/Applications (Parallels)/VMNAME Applications, where VMNAME is the name of a virtual machine.
    • Duplicate the application bundle and rename the duplicate MyApplication
    • Right-click MyApplication and choose "Show Package Contents*.
    • Open Contents/Resources/AppParams.pva in an editor (e.g., TextEdit), and change the value of the App Path property to the absolute path in the virtual machine to the *.bat file, rather than the application. Save the file.

    This is similar to @johnl's answer above, which provided the vital clue. However, at least in Parallels 11, the App Path property would only work with an application path, not with a command line.


    As of Parallels 11, this approach requires one of the more expensive editions of Parallels - Pro or Business. I don't have either, and haven't tested this approach.

    According to the Parallels manual Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition, the command prlctl exec can accept a command to be executed on the Windows virtual machine.

    prlctl exec

    Executes a command inside a virtual machine. Parallels Tools must be installed in a virtual machine to use this utility. Commands in Linux guests are invoked with bash -c.


    prlctl exec vm_id|vm_name command


    Name Description

    vm_id|vm_name The UUID or the name of the virtual machine.

    command A command to execute.

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