ICal with Google CalDAV issues


I currently have iCal syncing to one Google account with 1 main calendar and 3 sub-calendars (selected on Delegation tab). Let's say that this account is example@gmail.com.

This is the only one account set up in iCal.

Additionally I have 4 email accounts defined in Mail.app in this order:

  1. example1@example.com
  2. example2@example.com
  3. example@gmail.com
  4. example3@example.com

Problem 1 – iCal will not send out invites to attendees

I cannot make iCal send invites when creating an event within a calendar that's synced with Google.

I have to create a local calendar on Mac, create an event there – invites are sent out "correctly" (see Problem 2), then I simply move the event from one calendar to another and this seems to do the trick.

This seems to be a bit troublesome though (obviously, really). Is there anything I can do to make it work properly – so the invites are sent out from Google's CalDAV calendar?

Problem 2 – iCal invites email addresses

iCal seems to be totally inconsistent with using email addresses when sending invitations.

Consider the setup:

  • 1 CalDAV account in iCal (example@gmail.com),
  • 1 local calendar (as mentioned in Problem 1),
  • 4 email accounts in Mail (as described above).

Now iCal seems to be sending invites using the topmost email account set up in Mail.app – in this case example1@example.com. Is there a way to use different email account to do this?

Also, it seems that iCal creates invites using the email account defined in iCal accounts – in this case example@gmail.com, even though I use local Calendar and not the CalDAV one!

This means that invite is sent from example1@example.com, but people replying to invites send them back to example@gmail.com. This really is plain wrong. Any way to sort it out?

NOTE: Ideally I'd like iCal to send invites from the second Mail account – example2@example.com.

Best Answer

iCal doesn't send invitations - Google Calendar do.

You need to set up Notifications for each Google Calendar - main and sub-calendars.

"Google Cal->Calendar settings->Calendars->[select calendar]->Notifications->[set check mark at Email and/or SMS for each type of invitations]"