ICloud restore issue on iPhone 4S


I had a minor problem with my iPhone so I decided to restore from the most recent iCloud backup. I assumed it worked much like system restore on my laptop. After resetting the phone and following the instructions, I began the restore from a backup less than 12 hours old. I got a message saying that there was a problem with the backup and I should choose another source. I attempted backups from all three most recent backups and got the same message. Is there anything besides a corrupted backup file that would cause this? I do have an iTunes backup but I haven't been as diligent about those since I thought that the iCloud backup was reliable. So if I restore to the iTunes backup I'll lose some data that I really don't want to lose (ideas, work notes, etc.) Thoughts? Suggestions?

Best Answer

I've encountered a similar error on my iPhone 4S while restoring an iCloud backup. I fixed it by simply updating the firmware/iOS version to the latest version available from Apple. Latest iOS 7.1.2 was out at that time but I was running outdated iOS 7.0.4. Once the phone restored with the latest iOS version, I was able to restore from iCloud. So update your iOS if you're using an older iOS version and try again.