IOS 12.1.4 – Apps bugged, can’t delete or reinstall


I recently changed to a temporary iPhone 6, while my main iPhone is being repaired. Because this phone has a lot less RAM, I deleted some apps (from Settings -> General -> Usage.) Two of these apps are Spotify and LinkedIn.

enter image description here

Both Spotify and LinkedIn haven't deleted properly — they're still listed on the home-screen, but won't open and have a white app icon. If I delete them they just re-appear on restart. After they're deleted the appstore only gives me the 'open'-option, I cannot reinstall them (nothing happens when pressing 'open'.)

I tried a hard reset, several restarts, and the apps both do not show up in Settings -> General -> Usage so I can't uninstall them from there. I have 4GB of free space on the phone so that shouldn't be an issue.

I'd love to have Spotify back. Any suggestions?

Best Answer

Managed to fix it with 'Apple configurator 2' ( Connect iphone to macbook, launch Apple configurator 2, select device, click 'add -> apps', login with apple id, find spotify, click 'install', choose 'overwrite existing'.

Now on iPhone go back to the app-store and you can redownload it.