IOS – Adding a google account without gmail on iPhone


I have two google accs with two different calendars. I want to use them both in the calendar app. However when I try to add the second google account, after entering the google acc details it just jumps back to the calendar settings. Are multiple google accs supported for the iPhone? I can do it with no problems on my mac.

iPhone 6, 10.2


The problem actually seems to be with the fact that the google account I wanted to add didn't have a gmail address associated with it. So for the purposes of the calendar what I did was adding CalDAV account instead.

enter image description here

I'll leave this open as a differently formulated question in case someone wants to elaborate on why it's impossible to add a google acc without gmail.

Best Answer

It is supported. This is what it looks like under settings -> calendar:

Try adding the account as a mail account and then turning off mail and turning on calendars. This is what it looks like in the calendars app: