IOS – App Store: can’t add a new credit card (too many are already associated)


I use virtual credit cards to perform online purchases with my debit card, and I usually create a new one for every purchase (with a charge limit equal to the purchase's value).

I was trying to add a new one today to buy an app on the Mac App Store, and I got a message saying that it couldn't be added, as there were already too many credit cards associated with my account.

I did a live-chat with support, and they told me that there is a 5-card limit every 30 days, so apparently I can't perform any purchases for 30 days.

Is there any way around this? I don't have iTunes Gift Cards readily available in my country.

Best Answer

Thanks for documenting the current state of play. Although most can buy gift cards from the store of your choice and load them into the App Store, if they truly are not easily available in your country just slowing down the cycling of cards you use for payment is the obvious choice out of this dilemma.