IOS – Fast note app for quick lookup & copy to clipboard for osx & ios


I'm looking for a lightweight fast note app for frequently accessed notes, so that I could:

1) Rapidly copy them to my clipboard.

2) Simply view them.

3) Work & sync across osx & iOS.

Use cases:

  • Looking up & copying address & post codes of work/home.
  • Looking up various ID's that I use in various places (e.g my certification ID when clients ask).
  • Looking up notes on keyboard shortcuts or ways of doing things for apps
  • Lookup my notes for frequent bash commands with complex syntax.
  • etc..

I.e, it shouldn't be focused on being fancy, just fast viewing of note & fast copy to clipboard.

This cheatsheet app seems close, but it doesn't have osx version:


I'm fairly proficient power user, I'm aware of 'Notes' app. If you suggest it's use, please suggest how to it can resolve the request. E.g I haven't found a 'fast' way to copy note content from spotlight. (although CMD+c from spot light copies note title+content, which is close to what I need).

Best Answer

Before searching for a 3rd party utility, I would recommend trying out Apple's built-in Notes app. It seems to satisfy your three requirements as you can copy/paste from the clipboard, view them on both macOS and iOS, and it syncs with iCloud across all your devices (plus iCloud website).

Checkout these links for a how-to guide on each of the listed platforms: