IOS – How is iOS updating all the apps without permission

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iPad is at iOS 12.3, iPad is WiFi only. iPhone is at iOS 12.4.

Both have got automatic download and updates turned OFF in settings → iTunes and AppStore. Yet in the last weeks both devices, without intervention or permission have updated every single App. This has resulted in ADS (apple disorientation services), where I have to login to apps again with passwords I haven’t used for years, and everything’s looking different and working differently. How has this happened?

I do iOS updates for security, but if my App ain’t broke I don’t wanna fix it. How do I stop this app auto-update feature on my iOS devices?

Best Answer

FWIW, this just happened to me. Had auto updates turned off, kinda freaked me out. Turned out, in my case, I had enabled “offload unused apps” to free up space - got a feeling this might be why all my apps needed re-downloading. Not sure if “re-downloading” == “upgrade”.