IOS – How to add a reminder to a specific list and time via Siri


I can say " Add call friend to my Work list " and Siri will add that reminder to the specific reminder list WORK. However, if I imply any time, it will add it as a calendar entry.
Yet when I say " remind me to call friend on Thursday ", Siri will add the reminder on that day and at 9AM …

But I would like to choose my own date and time for reminders while specifying which reminder list it goes in, how can I accomplish this ?


I managed to find this method :

  • Me : Remind me to call friend on thursday at 11am
  • Siri : Here is your reminder, shall I create it ?
  • Me : Move it to my name list

And then the reminder is moved to your specific list. However, I would rather avoid having to do this longwinded method, is there a way to skip step 2 and combine them all in one sentence ?

Best Answer

Found it!

Add "list name" reminder "new item" on "date and time"

Example: "Add activities reminder basketball practice on friday at 2pm."

Odd and slightly backwards syntax but works!