IOS – How to add the Gmail app to the sharing options (i.e. from photos)


I've installed the Gmail app on my iPhone 5s (running iOS 8.x). However, when I'm done taking a photograph (or directly from within the Photos app), if I choose to share I'm presented with a list of options (Mail, Messages, Facebook, etc.) and the Gmail app isn't one of them.

If I go a step further and click the More link to see the list of all apps on the phone for which sharing can be enabled, the Gmail app isn't even in that list (while things like and other apps I use are).

I use the stock Mail app for my work (Exchange) account, and I could if I wanted share a photo just fine using this, however I prefer the Gmail app's categories of mail.

Do you know a set of steps that can get the Gmail app to appear in this list of sharing options?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, please advise if you need more details or clarification.

Best Answer

The coders at Gmail need to add it, it's not a user option, I'm afraid.

If Google add it, then it has to go past Apple's reviewers, to check it's as safe as they think it is. Sandboxing is pretty tight under iOS.

The feature you want is not impossible, it just needs to be implemented at source, not added by the user.

The end result is no-one needs an anti-virus scanner on an iDevice ;)

Try reporting it on the Gmail feature requests page