IOS – How to set a link to the gym so that siri can find it


I want to set a reminder like "remember me to change dress when I am at the gym".
Siri answers "I do not know your gym. Touch your name to add the gym to your record".

I could not find a way to do that. Using a custom label did not work, nor when I used the label "others".

Siri works fine when i say "remember me to … when i am at Jane Doe".

Best Answer

Create a contact entry for your gym with phone number, website, and address. You can put the name of the gym in the company field and then you can create a nickname that just says "Gym"... problem is that Gym and Jim sound alike.

What I now tried was setting up a new address to my person vCard with a custom tag. I have gym now as a customer address on my card and why I say "Get to directions to gym" it worked.

enter image description here

With having the gym as a separate contact entry, does it work when you say the Gym's name?