IOS – “iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes”


Trying to turn on my kids' iPad which has been off for a few months.

Tried several of my 'usual' passcodes, but iPad became 'disabled' before I could try them all.

Now it's "iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes"

Connecting to iTunes via hold-home-and-plug-in-USB pops up iTunes with "Restore" or "Update".

Do NOT want to lose all data, there are probably photos on there that are not backed up.

Is there ANYTHING I can do?

I'm not even sure which version of iOS is on there, but it's 8.something…

If I could just get a few more attempts to enter PIN, I would figure it out eventually.

Can I jailbreak it in this condition? Somehow pull the data before Restoring/Updating?


Best Answer

  • I heard that Jailbreaking it may work, it's probably your only option to salvage the data on the iPad. Normally, I would never even suggest Jailbreaking, but in this case, it's probably your only option. I've never done it and have no interest whatsoever in Jailbreaking, so I can't tell how to do it, what to use, or even if it will for sure work, but it's worth a try.