IOS – iPhone Health “Walking + Running Distance” is way off


The "Walking + Running Distance" on my iPhone 6 is wildly off.

I've walked <2 miles today (0.5 mile commute, 0.8 miles for lunch, and whatever around the office), yet my iPhone is reporting 10.3 miles. It's been way off like this for a while.

Is there any way to troubleshoot what's happening here? Or recalibrate the feature?

Number of steps seems OK…6767 steps at 1.5ft/step would be about 2 miles, which is close to my estimate.

Additionally, I cannot "Show All Data" for any of the health metrics, the loading spinner just keeps spinning.

Health Dashboard

Best Answer

  • If you have any 3rd party apps for health tracking, like Withings, they sometimes add onto your records.

    My experience was my Withings app completely doubling my steps and distances. If you do have these apps, delete them or just turn of their accessibility to your health.

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