IOS – Iphone: outgoing email iCloud account and gmail


Iphone 5 iOS 6.1 (jaikbroken)

OK, I've been solely using the gmail app for a while now and haven't had any use for the built-in mail app. Was hoping to run without any mail account on there, but it gets me in trouble for those times some other app wants to send email and finds no mail account.

So finally I was setting up gmail just for outgoing smtp but even doing so it forces me to include incoming imap account and it annoys me just on principal to have local duplicate copies of the last 50 messages I don't need.

So I created an icloud account today so I could sync notes and also just use that now for the sent messages. iCloud mail is set to forward incoming to gmail, but it wont forward outgoing. Obviously.

Trying to devise a workaround. What I want is to have all my mail in gmail. My thinking is something like:

  • if possible everything outgoing from icloud gets CC'd to gmail
  • set a filter in gmail, maybe everything with from:(me) and bcc:(me) gets moved to sent mail.

Any thoughts, advice, or better ideas welcomed!

Best Answer

You can setup your iCloud account to send using the Gmail SMTP server.

Setting => Mail, Contacts, Calendar => iCloud => Account => Advanced (Mail) => Outgoing mail server (SMTP) => Other SMTP Serveres => Add Server here you can set up the Gmail SMTP server: - remember to choose the Gmail server, and de-activate the iCloud SMTP server afterwards.

The mails sent will however appear in iCloud's sent folder.

The iCloud sender email address will however still be the iCloud address. If you use the build in, you can manually choose your Gmail address (and the mail will appear in Gmail's sent folder), but how you can use this one, the way you want to use it - I don't know.