IPad – Calendar from Google Calendar not syncing to the iPad

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My iPad is really starting to infuriate me. My Google/iPad calendar sync has been working perfectly for months, but not it won't. In Google Calendar I've removed a few now superfluous calendars and added a new one to keep track of my classes. This new calendar just won't friggin show up in iPad. I've visited the Google sync page for devices and everything is set up correctly. All my calendars are checked. But out of my 3 checked calendars, only 2 of them show up in iPad calendar.

I've tried removing my Gmail account from the iPad and re-adding it with no results.

Any ideas?

Debug progress: I've tried unchecking all my calendars (Except the mandatory main calendar) in the Google Sync mobile page but they still show up in iPad. I've checked if the current calendars in iPad are synced, and they are indeed. I've also tried creating a new calendar with a few events on it and adding it to the iPad sync list via the google sync page. It doesn't show up on the iPad. So to sum up, the aforementioned sync page no longer has any control over which calendars are synced to my iPad.

Help still needed!

Best Answer

I had the same problem. I unmarked to sync the calendar (deleted all events from the iPad) and then marked back to sync, and all got back to work.