IPhone – Contacts sync iCloud/iPhone/Mac after clean OS X install

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I have an clean Yosemite installation without any data transfer from an old mac.

My iCloud account is synced with my iPhone, and the mac is using the same iCloud account.

After a sync some contacts are not synced.

When I logging into www.icloud.com via the browser, i see all my contacts in my iCloud's address book. Here are 3 groups.

  • mobile contacts
  • all contacts
  • wgroup

All 3 groups are synced with my iPhone but didn't get synced the "mobile contacts" group nor the "wgroup" on the Mac. (The Mac didn't shows the groups).

Want achieve the following:

  • get synced all contacts and all groups on my all devices.

Sounds simple, but

  • where to setup what groups should be synced on Mac
  • or how to move all contacts into single group?

Ps: ofcourse, i can send by email the vCards to Mac but this isn't the right solution.

Any idea?

Best Answer

I had the same issue with certain contacts and contact groups not coming back from iCloud after a clean Yosemite install.

Today I found out that all this contact groups and contacts are starting to sync once I edited them, e.g. add a contact to a group, update a contacts phone number. For me it worked to edit them in icloud.com (webpage) or on an iOS device.