IPhone – Open addresses in google maps instead of apple maps

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Street addresses in Messages, Calendar, etc appear as links to click. But when I tap on these links, they open in Apple maps. I prefer to use google maps (or citymapper, where available).

How can I configure my iPhone so that it's opening addresses in the maps application of my preference?

Best Answer

  • Unfortunately, you can't (unless you jailbreak your iPhone). Anyway, from iOS 8, you are allowed to use your preferred navigator, once Maps has been opened:

    1. Open an address (it will open with Apple Maps by default).
    2. Tap the "car" button, as you do to get directions.
    3. Tap the "share" button, then tap "Transport apps".
    4. Choose the app navigator you prefer, among the installed ones (i.e., Google Maps). You will be redirected to the one you chose.

    It's not as changing the default, but it's surely easier than typing an address manually in your preferred app.