ITunes Gift Card vs. Family Sharing


I am a member of a family sharing plan on iTunes. In order to not charge my partner when I make a purchase, I purchased an iTunes gift card and gave it to myself – $200. I was able to make two purchases against the gift card, but now every time I try to purchase music, even though I can see I have $180.02 balance, I get the pop-up box that says I need the family organizer to authorize. I don't seem to be able to access my own gift card to make my own purchases. Please help!

Best Answer

Contact Apple support. We had a similar issue on our family account recently and needed their help to assist. Nothing we were willing to try got the gift balance back in to the rotation.

It's supposed to charge the balance for most but not all purchases and my guess is a subscription or something that went to the card got the balance set aside.