Keyboard and touchpad are not working when booting from live USB


I have a MacBook Pro (mid 2017, 13", no Touch Bar) and I want to create Linux live USB. However, keyboard and trackpad are not working when I'm booting Linux OS from live USB. I'm able to select EFI boot, proceed to selection how I want to boot my Linux system but as soon as OS is loaded – trackpad and keyboard don't respond. I tried Ubuntu 16.04 and Linux Mint 18.03.

Did anyone succeeded to boot Linux OS from a machine similar to mine? How can I create workable Linux (preferably Ubuntu) live USB on my MacBook?

Best Answer

Ubuntu does not natively support MacBook Pro Mid-2017 yet, so you have to manually install some drivers and patches to get it fully working. During the process, you will need a usb mouse. Also if you don’t have a usb keyboard, you can use on-screen keyboard (which is what I did). Then you have to follow this tutorial: Linux on MacBook Pro Late 2016 and later