Laptop wont connect to internet after sleep but will connect to network


Ive got a MBP (spec below in screenshot) running OSX 10.10.5

Ive got an issue where every time i wake my MBP from sleep it will connect to the wifi network and my laptop will show up during a LAN scan, but will struggle to load pages it does eventually and intermittently load them, but takes for ever, even though I've got a 200mbps connection.

There are several things i can do to fix the problem, each one of them individually will fix the issue, but none are ideal :

  • connect to the network through a wired connection
  • restart my MBP
  • restart the wifi access point
  • restart the network switch

Any idea what might be causing the issue and how i can resolve it ? It doesn't happen on any of my colleagues devices only mine.

screenshot of system spec

The below 2 screenshots are from the network tab in OSX :

network tab in OSX

network tab DNS tab

For reference I've also attached a diagram of our network setup.

network diagram

Here is a screenshot of a speedtest on my machine, this is with LAN cable attached, on wifi if i get the 5ghz band im getting c. 150mbps down, on the 2.4ghz band im getting c. 40mpbs down, either way it would be plenty fast, but when i have the issue with connection as above its more like <1mbps down. Even though all other machines on my network can achieve full speed.

speedtest screenshot

Best Answer

  • Can I ask why are your DNS settings the way they are? This could definitely be a DNS issue and I don't recognize those addresses as common, just wondering.

    In the Network pane of System Preferences I would want you to try and replicate this issue with a new configuration. Click the '+' symbol and select wireless adapter, try to replicate the issue now.

    If the issue persists, please make a new user in System Preferences > Users & Groups with administrator access & no iCloud password. Log fully out of your user before logging into this new test account and try to replicate the issue again. Don't mess around with Network preferences - just let me know what you find. Also is there a reason you haven't updated beyond 10.10.5?