Mac – How to disable service workers in Safari 12.1? (Mac)


In Safari 12.1 Service workers can’t be disabled anymore via Develop > Experimental Features. I guess it’s not an experimental feature anymore.

Is there any other way to disable them? Sometimes the whatsapp service worker seems to have a hiccup and uses 100% cpu utilization.

earlier solution for safari versions pre 12.1:
How to disable service workers in Safari?

Best Answer

  • You can try to turn off the feature via the Debug menu. For me, using Safari 12.1.1, It is listed under

    Debug -> WebKit Internal Features -> Service Workers

    Note that I am referring to the internal Debug menu, and not the Developer menu. The Debug menu is activated by writing the key IncludeInternalDebugMenu into Safari preferences (e.g. defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1 -- under Mojave, you will have to grant Full Disk Access to first; otherwise the setting will not take.)

    I'm not sure if this persists across browser restarts, though.