Mac – How to get Apple Command Line Developer Tools without App Store

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I got a mid-2013 MacBook Air for UNIX development. I'm disappointed that it came with no C/C++ compilers and with no make, which are apparently part of Apple Command Line Developer Tools, which is supposed to be available for download from Apple Developer Connection, but which has been down for close to a week (and counting) due to some kind of user-database security breach in ADC.

If ADC is down, how come Xcode itself doesn't have any problems downloading Command Line Developer Tools, as per the "MacPorts fails to find 'make'" question?

How can one download make and clang et al without an App Store account, and when ADC is down? How does Xcode do it?

Best Answer

Just get an Apple ID enter payment information for an Apple ID so that it can be used with App Store. You might eventually need it for upgrading the OS or for installing applications.

If others find this question after comes back up, you can download the Command Line Tools package from It can also be installed from Xcode's preferences, but most of the binaries are already in /Applications/{usr/bin,Tools}.