Mac – How to prevent iCloud from downloading (storing) certain files in an Xcode project in iCloud


I have enabled storing Desktop & Document Folders in iCloud. I keep my Xcode projects on Desktop. Every hour or so, iCloud will store files, inside of Pods folder present alongside the Xcode Project in iCloud. This is very tedious as I then have to click on each one of them one-by-one to re-download.

How can I prevent iCloud from downloading my files in this manner, for this specific Xcode project?

I have tried disabling iCloud for Desktop, but this results in me losing all my Desktop folders/files, so I could rather not go this route.

Best Answer

  • Such an option to force iCloud to keep some files would be nice. In the meantime, you can check OneDrive. It fits this purpose. You can decide if some files/ folders have to be kept offline.

    A way is to use aliases. Then again, you'd have to check if Xcode can work with that.

    • Whichever files/ folders are required offline, move them to a non-iCloud-synced place.
    • Make their aliases and keep them in place of the original files/folders.
    • If you need to sync those files somewhere else too, make another copy in iCloud.

    If aliases don't work, check out symlinks.