Mac Pro with Thunderbolt Display 30 meters away


We want to position a Thunderbolt Display (2015 model) 30 meters away from a Mac Pro (2015 model).

Questions regarding this setup:

  1. What cable do we need to connect these two? I have seen Thunderbolt 1 and Thunderbolt 2 cables, can't really see which one we need to connect the display to the Mac Pro
  2. Is it possible to connect a keyboard and mouse to the Thunderbolt Display and control the Mac Pro?

Further explanation of our situation:

We have a Mac Pro upstairs which has one account of adobe cloud and we have a laptop with the second adobe cloud account. 1 license is limited to 2 computers.

We have 2 Thunderbolt Displays 2 keyboards 2 mouse. We want to use the same Mac Pro in the upstairs office and in the downstairs office which are located right on top of each other. I was thinking of just drilling a whole trough the floor and connecting the second screen via thunderbolt.

Best Answer

Copper-based Thunderbolt cables are limited to max length of 3 meters. Corning sells optical Thunderbolt cables you will need for the distance you specify here. You can get 10m lengths at Amazon for US$299. They come in 30m and 60m lengths for US$659 and US$1299, respectively. I haven't had the need for these lengths yet, but I did the research a few weeks ago for a project which didn't get off the ground.