Mac – way to bring back search the web for spotlight


Spotlight use to be my one stop shop for typing anything that I needed information about. When it would fail, the result saying "search in web" would come up and that was a really nice fallback when that issue occurred because it generally sent me where I needed to go through Google.

Now, Apple has decided that's not going to be a listed item any more thus forcing me to select all, cut everything I had typed, type safari and launch that, possibly open a new tab and paste the search in there. While I would be proud of that little combo of keyboard shortcuts, the old method was five steps faster so I feel a little foolish needing to do this now.

My question: is there a way to re-enable search the web or a tool somewhere in homebrew or github that will give me that back?

Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

You can use Flashlight Spotight plugin and install Google Search plugin. Then You'll be able to search Google inside Spotlight (just add g as a prefix). When You'll want to see the results in web browser, press ⏎ return. Here's an example: enter image description here