MacBook – Best way to use LED Cinema Display & Thunderbolt Display with Macbook Pro 2016

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I have 2 Apple monitors: An old LED Cinema Display that has a Mini DisplayPort and a slightly newer Thunderbolt Display with a Thunderbolt 2 connection.

I am currently using them both connected to my 2014 MBP with no issues.

I recently got a 2017 MBP and would like to see if there is ANY setup that will allow me to connect both monitors.

From what I've read, the TB3 to TB2 adapter will not work with the Mini DisplayPort.

Is there any other setup that people have used that has worked for them?

Best Answer

Thunderbolt is a multiplexing of several signals - PCIe bus, USB 3.1, power and DisplayPort. On the 2017 MBP you have at least 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports. This means you don't need to convert from TB to DP/mDP as the signal is already there.

The LED Cinema display uses an mDP interface and the Thunderbolt display requires a Thunderbolt connection.

So, all you need is a USB-C (Thunderbolt) to DisplayPort cable for the LED display, and a Thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter you mentioned along with the Thunderbolt cable you already own (from the previous setup) for the Thunderbolt monitor.