MacBook – Is it possible to upgrade the SSD in a 2011 model Macbook Pro

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I have a 2011 model MacbookPro (MacBookPro8,2) which came with a 128GB SSD. I would like to upgrade the SSD to a larger size without voiding my AppleCare.

  • Is it possible to upgrade the SSD at all? I have heard rumours that they are soldered in after 2010, and are not replaceable.

  • My city and country (Tallinn, Estonia) has no official Apple stores that I know of, but does have Apple-authorised resellers. Are they the appropriate place to get this done? I've replaced a hard disk on an older model MBP myself, but my current laptop is still within the warranty period.

This seems like a fairly common question on SO, but all questions I found are for older models or for iMacs, not MBPs. Perhaps this should be migrated to a community wiki where the question can be updated for all models of Mac?

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