MacBook – Is there a setting to make the Mac not change resolution when connecting to an external display

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I am currently running 2880×1800 resolution on my MacBook Pro retina (using the command setgetscreenres).

Whenever I connect to an external display, my Mac changes to a lower resolution. Is there a way to disable this behavior?

Also I've noticed that sometimes instead of extending the display, it mirrors my display on some external displays. I don't think I will ever use mirror mode, so is there another setting to make all external displays extend?

Best Answer

  • In mirroring mode, both screens need to use the same resolution. The external display probably can't support the huge 2880x1800, so it's lowering yours to match.

    In System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement tab, uncheck the mirroring option. Then you should see two separate preferences windows, allowing you to set different resolutions for each display. Note — the Arrangement tab is only visible when you have an external display connected.

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