MacBook – List of Macbook Pro’s with user replaceable parts

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After finding out that my 2011 macbook pro is slowly dying I am now thinking about its replacement. However I would prefer an updated macbook pro in which I can replace both the hard drive and RAM.

So is there a current, simple list somewhere that identifies the year/model of a macbook pro and what parts are easily user1 replaceable?

1. [Pedantic mode on] And by user replaceable I mean only with something like a screwdriver. I am not looking to de-solder/solder items.[Pedantic mode off]

Best Answer

All new Retina MacBook Pro models don't have user serviceable parts. You can still buy a non-retina MBP which do have user serviceable parts. I believe the latest model is Mid-2012. It is a bit old but it is the only MBP that you can change components without the need to solder things.