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I have a 13" MacBook Pro early 2011 model. It will not boot from any Linux USB boot disks I have created. I know these disks are working on later models as I have tried with 2012 Retina 15" booting and working fine.

I have tried using rEFInd and various Linux distros but none will be detected on the 2011 model. I found this post:

Can I boot Linux (any distro?) from USB on a MacBook Air that has no hard drive?

However I am not sure where I can get the EFI drivers as the ones on the apple site are .pkg format and doesnt seem to be anything I can extract to copy to /efi/boot?

Best Answer

Try to use dd:

dd bs=4M if=path_to_iso of=path_to_usb && sync

Replace path_to_iso and path_to_usb with appropriate paths.