MacBook Pro (late 2008) new thermal paste applied, now how to re-attach the cable for the cpu fans

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I'm working on a friend's MacbookPro5,1 15" from late 2008, which was overheating, so I knew from past experience, the thermal paste needed to be removed, and reappplied. This was all achieved succcessfully. The laptop powers on, boots up, and is running well.

The issue is, the cable for the 2 fans (1 for cpu, 1 for gpu) have been re-attached via electrical tape. I wonder how long this will last, thought.

I have purchased Artic Silver's Thermal Adhesive, is this the preferred solution, for permanently re-attaching the cable for the fans, to the motherboard?

Any insights you have are greatly appreciated!


Best Answer

Both fans use Phillips head screws to attach themselves to the logic board.