Macbook Pro Upgrade – 16GB RAM or 128GB SSD

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I am asking myself which constellation is better: should I stock up my RAM up to 16GB (from 8GB), or should I buy a SSD with 128GB??

I really dont know :/


BTW: My macbook supports 16GB RAM, i already checked this 😉

Best Answer

While I agree with others here that an SSD will give your MacBook Pro a great speed boost, the problem with a 128GB SSD is that it's probably smaller in capacity than your currently installed hard disk. If that's the case and you'll need to have a hard disk in the optical bay as well, the SSD solution is less attractive if you need the optical drive.

The problem with storage solutions that are too small is that they become less effective (fast) as you fill them close to their capacity. This is true of both hard disks and SSDs.

So, best to ask the questions:

  1. How big is my installed hard disk and how much of it am I using, how much more of it will I be using in the next year?

  2. Do I need the optical drive built into my MacBook Pro or could I move my current hard disk into that bay with an adapter.

If you can fit your MacBook Pro's current installed stuff into 64GB (unlikely but possible) then a 128GB SSD might work out well, even without the use of a hard disk for additional storage.