MacOS – After Mavericks 10.9.2 Update, problems running Keepass/Mono


I have a rMBP 13" late 2013 model and just updated Mavericks today to 10.9.2 (Software OS X 10.9.2 (13C64))

I have been using the OSX package of keepass from here (Openix) without any issues before updating.

After updating, if I try to open keepass, the laptop hangs (i get the beachball of doom) and the mono process uses upwards of 98% of the cpu untill I kill it.

I have the mono runtime (version 3.2.7) and XQuartz 2.7.5 (xorg-server 1.14.4), installed. I am not very knowledgable as to how to troubleshoot to see if there is mono or x11 issue, I just installed them to be able to use keepass on my macbook.

IS there anyone else experiencing this same issue?

What steps could I take to begin troubleshooting this?

Best Answer

A useful troubleshooting tool for any OS X application is opensnoop which lets you see file activity on your system. If you run sudo opensnoop -v | grep mono-sgen before launching KeePass you'll be able to watch which files it is opening as it launches.

I ran this to troubleshoot another question about KeePass problems and on my system the first launch of KeePass generates a lot of activity where Mono is opening and caching the fonts on the system in ~/.cache/fontconfig. While it is doing this the application appears to be doing nothing, as the UI doesn't appear until this task is complete which takes minutes on my system. Luckily it only seems to want to do this once, as subsequent starts are about what I'd expect.

And this is only guesswork but upgrading Mono, XQuartz or KeePass or installing other fonts might prompt Mono to regenerate this cache, resulting in another one off slow application launch. Just something to be aware of.