MacOS – anker keyboard escape key


My imac bluetooth keyboard had some keys broken so I bought an anker keyboard.

It's the one mentioned in this review:

My problem with it is the same as the problem #1 in the review, the keyboard doesn't have a escape key.

The place where esc should be is an empty box symbol which you can see in this image:

enter image description here

You have to press fn + box to escape. I'm trying to remap it with KeyRemap4MacBook but I can't figure out how. The review mentions that it should be possible. Any assistance is appreciated thanks.

Best Answer

Err, that's an iOS keyboard... (and the key is a Home button)

I would say that your easiest bet would be use use PCKeyboardHack (or KeyRemap4MacBook) to use the caps key was escape. I use this on my mac, as caps is normally useless anyway.

How to Change

  • Note that Escape's code is 53
  • Locate "Change Caps Lock", double click the key-code there, and to edit to 53

PCKeyboardHack Screen Shot