MacOS – Easy way to get *all* Notes to synchronize via iCloud

I have tons of notes on my iPhone. When iCloud came out, I created an account.

Now I have the Notes App in Mountain Lion, but only notes added after the iCloud account creation date are showing there.

In my Notes iOS app I can see three 'Accounts': All Notes, On My iPhone (old unsynched notes) and iCloud (new synched notes).

Is there an easy (or complicated but automated) way to get all notes from my iPhone on iCloud? I would like to avoid copy-pasting all of them into new notes, as I have tons of them.

Best Answer

You need a 10.6/10.7 system handy as this doesn't work in 10.8. The method I've previously used is as follows:

  • Plug your iPhone into your Mac and go into iTunes -> Your Device -> Info tab and choose to Sync notes.

  • This should grab the notes out of the On my iPhone section and dump them into

  • Your notes should appear under the Notes section in, but ideally filed under an On My Mac header.

  • Simply select all the notes from under On My Mac and drag them into the iCloud section. That should upload them all to iCloud and save you some time copying and pasting or fiddling with other software!