MacOS – Google Calendar will not sync with after Yosemite


I recently clean installed Yosemite on my 11" Macbook Air and my Google calendar will not sync with Everything else on my Google account syncs with no problem, but the calendar refuses. I tried with another google account and had the same problem. Turned off 2-factor auth, same problem. Tried with CalDAV, doesn't work.

In Preferences > Internet Accounts > Google Account in Question, the box next to Calendars is unchecked by default. When checking it, I get a progress wheel that spins for a minute or so and then…nothing.

Is there something I'm missing here?

Best Answer

Have you tried changing what to be synced here? This is the Google Calendar Sync select page, it is also available for iPhone.

On these sites you are able to choose, which calendars are being synced. Your choices are:

  • All of your own calendars
  • All the calendars you've subscribed to.