MacOS – How Do I Change The Desktop Order in Mission Control?


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Is it possible to reorder spaces in Lion?

Currently, it doesn't seem possible to just drag and drop the desktops to change their order.

Is there any other way of doing it then?

Best Answer

  • Per my answer on a related question (Why do full-screen applications change their order in Mission Control?), there are only two order states with Mission Control. Order generated as Desktop/Full Screen spaces are created, or the default; "Automatically rearranged based on recent use" which I admit that I have no entirely narrowed down exactly when it changes them.

    Screenshot of Mission Control.prefpane

    As of this writing, in OS X Lion 10.7.1, there is no way to explicitly order spaces except to remove and re-add them in an order you would prefer, after unchecking the checkbox listed in the screenshot above.