MacOS – How to always show “Library” in the Finder its “Go”-Menu without holding a modifier key

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I often use the "Library" folder in my home folder ~/.
The Library folder there (~/Library/) is shown (unhidden), and that is not the question.

I would like to also always show the menu point "Library" in the Finder menu under the word "Go".
Normally it only shows when I hold the Option ⌥ key the menu is open.
I tried to assign "Library" to the shortcut for "Downloads" and gave Downloads another shortcut, like it worked for "Save As…". But it only shows up then holding down the Option ⌥ key.

How to always show the "Library" menu point under the Finder "Go" menu, without holding down a key?

In the screenshot I am holding down the Option ⌥ key:

the menu while holding the option key down

Best Answer

  • There is no system-tweak-able setting (for now) that will change the "Go" menu behaviour.

    Basically, whether you have a shortcut defined to open Library or not, you'll have to hold "Option" to make Library visible in the menu.

    Alternatives from the comments for quick access to Library (as a workaround to it appearing) are to

    • add ~/Library to your Finder toolbar
    • add ~/Library to your Finder sidebar
    • define a Finder keyboard shortcut
    • unhide the folder with chflags nohidden ~/Library
    • automate typing ~/Library and use Go To… Command-Shift-G
    • place the folder in the Dock or an alias to it on the Desktop (or elsewhere)
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