MacOS – How to do when “An error has occurred” when downloading Lion


I'm trying to download the new Mac OS. When click install, the icon pops onto the dock and says Waiting…

After about 5 minutes, it disappears and in the purchased category of the Mac App Store, next to install it says:

An error has occurred

Why is this happening?

Originally I could not even get the download bar in the purchased section until I reconfigured my router slightly(I'm using a BT Business Hub). I am now able to get the download bar. However, I still get "Waiting…" on the icon and after about 3 minutes, I receive the same error message:

An error has occurred

I still believe that it is a router problem and not the app stores' servers. Has another been able to fix this yet?

Here is a screenshot when I click the install button:
A screenshot of when I click the install button

And here is a screenshot after about 2 minutes:
A screenshot after about 2 minutes

Best Answer

I have sorted the issue. I just had to use a different router. The BT Business hub that I previously been using had a problem on it which prevented anything above 2GB do loose connection. This would explain other problems as well.