MacOS – How to remove Gmail from the Mail app without removing Gmail account from system preferences

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I got myself a MacBook today, and one of the steps I took to set it up was adding my work email account (Microsoft Exchange) to the Mail app.

I also had to give other apps access to my personal Google account, but because of that my linked Gmail account was added to the Mail app as well. Now, I get notifications from new messages in my personal mailbox every few minutes, which I don't want.

When I checked online on how to remove my personal account from the Mail app, all articles pointed to removing the Google account from System Preferences. However, doing that would remove my Google permissions for the other apps as well, which I don't want.

How do I resolve this matter?

Best Answer

Simply disable your Gmail account by going into the menu bar, MailPreferencesAccounts and uncheck Enable this account under Account Information for your Gmail account.

The account will remain under System Preferences, but Mail will no longer fetch your email nor, therefore, notify you of incoming email under your Gmail account.

Enable this account