MacOS – How to “securely” erase the MacBook’s SSD


I would like to sell my Macbook Pro, but I want to make sure that there is no way to retrieve the deleted data from my SSD.

Is there a way to completely delete all files on a hard drive so that even a forensic expert cannot recover anything?

Best Answer

  • You don't need to.

    Once you erase an SSD on a Mac, it's unrecoverable even from a forensics standpoint. This is because of the type of TRIM command that the hardware (SATA controller on the logic board and the SSD) issues. Basically, if you were to stop an erase mid-process you theoretically could take it to a lab or the manufacturer to recover data. So, it's not impossible but highly, highly improbable recovery is possible. I've previously written about this topic:

    If you want to be even more certain, turn on File Vault (Apple recommends this) when you reset it. Then disable it (for the next user).