MacOS – Intellij KeyMapping is acting weird


I am new to mac so apologies if i am asking a stupid question. I just installed Intellij idea on Mac OS El Capitan and it is acting weird. This issue is only in Intellij so i am assuming that perhaps i have messed up with some key mapping ??

For example, Whenever I double click on a text, it selects (as expected) but then moving a cursor acts as if i am holding shift while moving the text and hence it selects everything. To undo this behaviors, I have to do a single click somewhere before i can move cursor.

Also, pressing Shift + Arrow keys (left/right) doesn't select the text, rather it jumps from one word to another. I can only select text from keyboard in intellij with Options + Shift + Left/Right Arrow or CTRL + Shift + Left/Right Arrow.

What i have done ? I am using eclipse keymapping though.

Best Answer

A little digging solved the issue. In short, I installed ideaVim plugin. All I had to do is to disable it.