MacOS – Keyboard shortcut in Word 2011 to send document as email attachment

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In MS Office 2011 for Mac, there is a useful menu option under:

File > Share > Email (as Attachment)…

It's a very quick way to get from editing to email. Is there a way to assign this to a keyboard shortcut? I'd be be glad if I can do this with the already-installed tools, but would consider a third party tool as well.

What I have tried: Word's own keyboard tool under "Tools > Customize Keyboard…" I can find no listing of this menu item (under 'file' 'share' or 'email').

Nor does the OSX (Mountain Lion) Keyboard Shortcuts preferences tool help. I've tried a shortcut for both "Share" and "E-mail (as Attachment)". The first one shows up in the MS Word "File" Menu, but does nothing in practice except blink the menu header. The second one simply does nothing.

An attempt at keyboard shortcuts

Is there a way to set up a keyboard shortcut for this option? If not, do you have any other quick solution for achieving the same effect? These are often files that I receive via email, so I'd rather not have to explicitly save them, note the location, then attach them from within an email program. I want a quick edit & send. The copy n my outbox is enough of a backup for me.

Best Answer

You have to type the exact menu item name in the shortcut area, so make sure that you have the ellipsis: "E-mail (as Attachment)…"

You can type an ellipsis character by holding down option and typing ;