MacOS – Lock down OSX 10.7.5 app into kiosk mode


I want to run an app in 'kiosk' mode for public unattended access via touch screen (no mouse or keyboard attached). I can already automate a network user logon and then the app launches (but only in last state – not necessarily full screen – which I want) I know with Workgroup Manager you can hide the dock, use simple Finder etc…but need something more powerful. Ideally it needs to monitor if the app crashes out and restart it / log limited user off and back on again.



Best Answer

  • You could enable the Guest account along with Simple Finder, then write a launchctl to watch for the front-most app and re-open it if necessary.

    There are also a number of 3rd party products, such as eCrisper:

    eCrisper makes it easy to turn a Mac into a secure public access Internet kiosk. It is used by schools, museums, hotels, churches, and libraries to reliably and elegantly give access to web content.


    xStand allows you to setup a full internet kiosk in a public space in a couple of minutes.

    Also found this question which mentions both Opera and Chrome.